Give in to the Feeling (cover reveal)


I’m so excited!

This is the first post of my new author site and this is the first day of my new book preorder period. And it’s the first of the month. It must be a good omen.

I’m reposting the cover reveal I’ve posted on my author blog The Old Shetler. Have a look around her and come visit at the Old Shelter if you feel like it. YOu’ll find lots of article about dieselpunk and the Roaring Twenties.

givein 1600x2400 (corsivo)


Chicago 1924

Susie has never thought she might want more. More than being Simon’s woman. More than the lush life he’s given her when she came from China. More than the carefree nights of dance in his speakeasy.
Simon has never asked her anything in return but her loyalty. Not a big price.
Until that night.

When Blood enters Simon’s speakeasy, and Susie dances with him, she discovers there’s a completely new world beyond the things she owns and the things she’s allowed to do. A world where she can be her own woman, where she can be the woman she’s supposed to be. A world of sharing and self-expression she has never glimpsed.
But she’s still Simon’s woman, and he won’t allow her to forget it.

Soon Susie will discover there’s more than two men fighting over her in the confrontation between Blood and Simon. There’s a fight breaking through the wall of the real world, into the spirit world where Susie’s freedom may mean life or death for one of them. And if Susie gives in, she will lose more than just her heart and happiness.

Give in to the feeling - 4 March


From Chapter One

Susie left Simon’s table and crossed the speakeasy toward the bandstand.

The club was dusky, smoky, chock full with people. She knew most of these people, at least by sight. The smoke and the soft light had become so familiar to her that they now wrapped around her like a warm protection.

She squeezed in between two men standing beside a table with cocktails in hand. One of them winked at her. She smiled back but didn’t stop. The show would start momentarily. Susie found a chair waiting for her by the bandstand and sat, watching the crowd ease off the dance floor as the band finished their number. As always, before the show, her heart beat faster. She liked that sensation. The music embracing her, taking control of her body — it lit a flame inside her every single time.

She watched her fellow dancers take their positions on a line of chairs on the other side of the dance floor, all dressed in yellow and showing off their legs and shoulders. All sporting black bobs adorned with white feathers.

Susie dropped her gaze to her hands as she fanned her fingers. Even her nails were polished red. Red like her lips and her dress. It took her a while, but she had become accustomed to her new look. She actually liked it, now. Her fingers were steady, didn’t tremble like the first time she danced right here in this club. Was it only two years ago?

She looked across the floor for Simon. He sat in the dusk of the far corner, his face lit by the golden glow of the stained-glass lamp on the table, a finger tapping his cocktail glass at the rhythm of the fading music.

He smiled at her when their gazes met. A small smile curled the corners of Susie’s mouth.

She raised her chin and straightened her back. The song died out and the murmur of customers took over.

A brush on her shoulder, and she thought a feather might have fallen from her headband. Its gentle touch breathed down her back, causing her a shiver that wasn’t unpleasant, but when she turned, she saw no stray feathers. Her gaze then raised to the entrance by its own accord.

That’s when she saw him.

A stranger.

Only people familiar to the doorman would enter, or people introduced by a customer, and she had never seen this man before. Lithe and willowy and dressed in a grey suit with a matching fedora, a grey coat draped on his shoulders. A black man with black curly hair reaching past his shoulders — and she was staring at him.

She tore her gaze away and saw his companion, taller, bigger and watchful. He wore a black suit, black fedora, black long coat and when he stopped beside his friend and leaned to speak to him, Susie saw he wore his dark hair in a long braid on his back.

So unusual.

Back in China, all men wore their hair in braids even longer than that, but she had never seen it here in Chicago. Simon didn’t wear it like that.

And this man was not Chinese.

Her gaze moved back to the black stranger in the grey suit. She couldn’t look away. Was he really a stranger? Hadn’t she seen him before?

Don’t stare, that’s so rude.

The music burst alive. Susie started and jumped up, joining the dance a second later.


You know what’s so exciting about it? The fact that now my story can be read by anyone. Truly. Not just by people who know me, but by any reader who enjoys the same kind of stories I enjoy. There is something mind-blowing about it… well, certainly it is for me.

As you can see in the graphic above, the book will release on 4th March, but it is available for pro-order at Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes&Nobles and IBookStore.

UPDATE : Thanks a couple reders who informed me that Give in to the Feeling is indeed available on iBookStore.
and made me aware that Smashwords doesn’t really supports pre-orders. You can put my book in the librery, but that’s like Amazon’s wish list.
So I thought this: if you still want to buy my book from Smashwords, email me and I’ll send out a reminder when the book becomes available.

And I hate to sound salesy, but who will tell you if not me? I’m offering the book at $ 0,99 (€ 0,92 – £ 0,69) only for the pre-order period and since I love everyone who will order it (as authors should) I want to give you a gift. If you email me the receipt of your purchase at this email ( I’ll send you a wallpaper inspired to my cover for you phone. It is a very exclusive wallpaper I will offer only for the preorder time of Give in to the Feeling and never again.
I am using it on my phone already and I love it… yaeh, yeah, I know that’s not news.

Enjoy, if you decide to read it. And should you enjoy read it a fraction of how much I enjoyed writing it, I’ll be the happiest author in the univers!


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