Give in to the Feeling Blog Tour Roster

My book (my very first book!) come out 4th March. I’m hosting a blog tour leading up to the release date. Here’s the roster.


Give in to the feeling - Blog Tour


19 February
Sara Letourneau’s Official Website & Blog
Sara is a fantasy writer and a lover of teas and you’ll find both on her blog. She’s running an incredible series dedicated to building characters, The Character Evolution Files, and if you’re a writer, you want to have a look at that. Well, you may want to look at that even if you are a reader, it’s really interesting.
Interview with Sarah Zama, Author of Give in to the Feeling

20 February
Jack’s Place
Jack is a Steampunk author (Beyond the Rail Series) and a very active member of -punk community. He has recently turned his blog into a hub for writer of all –punk genres, so if you’re curious about what this is all about, head to his site and you’ll have a very good look at what the indie community has to offer in this field. He’s also the mastermind behind the Scribbler’s Den on the Steampunk Empire forums.

21 February
CW Hawes
Fellow dieselpunk author CW Hawes has a few series up his sleeve, both in the alternate history and mystery genres. He’s an enthusiast of everything vintage and on his blog you’ll find articles about classic sf stories, pulp series and true history, especially related to machines and invntions, though he’s especially famous for his love and knowledge of airship.
Day 4 of the Give in to the Feeling Blog Tour

22 February
Bard Writes Books
Bard is the author of the dieselpunk series The Troubleshooter, a dark, gritty sf series inspired by film noir themes and atmosphere, as well as a series of classic fantasy novels. I’ll define his blog nearly intimistic, though recently it has opened to interviews and articles about the self-published world.
Guest post – Shadow Against Light: the Soul of Noir

23 February
Crime Writer Sue Coletta
If you ever need to know anything about murders, serial killers, police procedures and even true life crimes, Sue’s blog is the place you want to go. She is a tireless collector of information and an equally tireless disseminator of her knowledge. And she’s always extremely accurate.
She’s also the acclaimed author of the mystery Marred.
A Writer’s Guide to the Informed Speakeasy Owner

24 February

Hopes and Dreams: My Writing and My Sons
Lillian is a writer of historical and fantasy stories. A very accurate historical writer, passionate about Japan, I met her last year during the AtoZ Challenge where she was writing about Fantasy Films so Bad They Are Actually Good, which believe me, you want to read.
Guest post – Speakeasy: Toaring Twenties America in a Shot

25 February
Atherton’s Magic Vapour
I met Melanie during last year AtoZ Challenge too, where she was posting a mystery story with a steampunky feel, each chapter of which was dedicated to a character related to the day’s letter of the alphabet, everyone with photos taken by Melanie herself. I was very impressed with the amount of work she put in, and the story is fun too, so if you want to read it: Alas! A complete mystery novelette in 26 installments
Interview – I pay a social call at the Old Shelter

26 February
Down the Rabbit Hole
French woman who grew up in the UK and now living in China: let’s talk about being a citizen of the world! She is a writer of Fantasy with a series of which The Viper and the Urchin is the first installment.
Her blog is a collection of funny and interesting things, starting with her series Of Course You Realise… where she shares the most unusual things she comes across on the internet while researching her books.
Speakeasies and the Roaring Twenteis: an interview with Sarah Zama

27 February
Holly Gonzalez
She’s the author of a series of dieselpunk/decopunk stories, The Family of Earth. She’s very passionate about Art Deco, which is a defining characteristic of her work.

28 February
Mike Fargo Blog
Bill is a veteran of the publishing world with many books under his belt. He has written about everything, but now he has devoted himself to the 1920s. He’s the author of a series of mystery stories set in NYC during Prohibition. His protagonist, Mike Fargo, is a NYC detective with the police department in the most classic hard-boiled style. But you’ll find good, informative article about the 1920s on his blog too.

29 February
A Smile and a Gun
Another good place where you’ll find information about the 1920s. I especially liked the C is for Cocktail series, but there is always something interesting on this blog and what’s best, primary resources are preferred.
Lupachi is working to a dieselpunk story set in 1920s Chicago (her hometown).

1 March
Sara C. Snider
Sara is an author of fantasy with a book published (The Thirteenth Tower) and a series (Hazel and Holly) going on on her blog. And guess what, I met her last year during the AtoZ Challenge. She has a gift for very short fiction.

2 March
Nicholas C. Rossis
Nicholas’s blog is a surprising place. You can find every sort of curious things on it, but above all, you’ll find insightful posts about promotion and marketing for authors, as well as Nicholas’s own experiments with it.
He’s also an author of SF with a series out, the Pearseus Saga.

3 March
Woelf Ditrich
Author of the fantasy series Guardians of the Seals. Is involved in many different projects, talks about fantasy and being a writer on his blog and runs a weekly series devoted to fantasy artists from around the world, the Art of Fantasy series.
Guest post


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