Guest Post: Shadows Against Light: the Soul Of Noir

I had a great fun writing this blog about film noir hosted on the blog of an author of great noir stories.

Bard Writes Books

It’s my great pleasure to feature the first guest writer on this blog: Sarah Zama. I met Sarah through dieselpunk circles, as she is an author with a passion for the fast-growing culture. I wrote a piece a while back on what dieselpunk means to me, but Sarah will expound on that topic, as well as provide an in-depth study of film noir, another major influence on both her upcoming novel and my own Troubleshooter series.

Without further ado: Shadow Against Light: the Soul of Noir by Sarah Zama.


It is no secret: Dieselpunk is such a young genre that many readers don’t even know what it is (surely my Word spellchecker doesn’t). There is a complex explanation to what Dieselpunk is, but today I’ll go for the simpler one. It’s a speculative genre, with very definite aesthetic characteristics inspired by the ‘diesel’ era, which stretches from the late…

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